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close up image of a little water fall at Iao stream

Aloha and welcome to my Ken Fields Photography portal website where you will find links to my natural setting on-location environmental Maui portrait photography, Hawaii scenic, floral, action galleries and more….

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Maui family photogaphy, wedding photography in Maui

Of the many activities available here on this beautiful island, natural setting Maui family portraits and Maui wedding photography, is one which will stay with you for years and years to come. Whether you live on Maui or you’re here on vacation, natural setting couples or family portrait photography, or  wedding photography, can be a great gift or keepsake, perfect for family albums, engagements, marriage ceremonies, honeymoons, anniversaries, senior pictures, model portfolios, birthdays, or other special occasions. Let us be your vacation photographer on Maui. Visit the Maui Island Portraits site for complete details about services, products, rates and to view galleries.  To view extended slideshow galleries based on location of photo shoot activities, visit the companion site at:

documentation photography composite

Documentation photography covers a lot of ground. Certainly wedding photography is documentation photography, as are family portraits. However, documentation  photography can also include photographs of photographs, documents or various cherished items around the house. Parties, promotions, gatherings and the numerous occasions that occur during a year may be well documented with photography.  Granted, such photos can be taken with a cell phone. But, for those times when technical knowledge and photographic experience is important, you want a professional photographer capable of producing quality results. This is perhaps more important in unrepeatable situations such as a sporting event; or, jewelery, which requires very specific lighting to produce the best results. Real estate also requires a knowledge of light (and shadow), exposure, composition and color, as well as editing skills, to produce a well documented result.

Scenic Kaenae Peninsula

I like taking pictures of local scenic landscapes: sunsets and beach scenes, streams, mountain settings, fields, fences, clouds, rural roads, mailboxes….Even some underwater scenes can be found in this group; whatever might catch my eye as a scene worth viewing is posted here. Unlike the flora gallery where a macro lens is often used, for scenic landscapes the lens of choice is often wide angle. The typical normal lens for a camera is considered about 50mm. For many of my scenic landscape images, I will use a 24mm lens, and sometimes a 16mm lens.

Pincushion Protea Flower

I also like taking pictures of flowers, especially close up. Whereas scenic photography tends towards wide angle lenses, here I typically use a macro lens. A macro lens allows very close up photography, at times, to the point of being an abstract image. Macro photography presents views which are normally not part of our day to day experience. It can present details we easily pass by. It focuses in on a small part, and magnifies it.

Jaws, Maui, Hawaii

And, I like taking pictures of sports and action scenes, particularly surfing, which makes up most of this gallery although other action/sports scenes are also included. And here, the lens of choice is a telephoto lens, often with a 2x extender which doubles the focal length of a lens. I may use anywhere from a 200mm-400mm lens and with an extender the reach can be as much as 800mm. With these bigger lenses a sturdy tripod is necessary.

Mandala photoart sample

Mandalas are intricate, colorful, circular, symmetrical images which represent the unity and wholeness of complexity. They have an extensive history in spiritual traditions and are often used for visual meditation. These particular mandalas are computer manipulated from original photographs of flowers and foliage. They can make exquisite wall decor. Available as prints, canvas wraps, standouts, fotoflots and imprinted on kitchen aprons. Click the link to visit the gallery of these kaleidoscopic mandala images which are available in a variety of sizes, color schemes and both white or black backgrounds.

mandala coloring book

The Mandala Coloring book is a great resource for parents, teachers and daydreamers. It can help reduce anxiety and focus the mind. It is a form of color therapy and meditation. It is a downloadable PDF file that provides a variety of distinct mandala images ready to be printed out on your home computer (on plain white paper with plain black ink), as many times as you like, and colored in with pastels, crayons or colored pencils. Hours of wholesome entertainment! You can view and download a sample before purchase.

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