Polipoli Park


A panorama view from Polipoli park, Maui, Hawaii


Polipoli Park, on the northern slope of Haleakala, is both a wide expanse of open area and a forested canopy. It offers several hiking trails, mountain biking, sight seeing and is one of the best places for hang gliding. The video below is a short snippet of hang gliders casually cruising over the expanse.


The Lower West Side of Maui


A panorama view of the lower west side of Maui

Welcome to the Lower West Side of Maui,  a rural area between the main industrial and commercial center of Kahului, and the largely visitor center of Lahaina Town. The 20 mile drive from one to the other skirts the ocean at the  base of the West Maui Mountains. A popular area for surfing, snorkeling, sun bathing, beach combing, sight seeing and taking pictures, the lower west side is home to Ukumehame, Olowalu and Launiupoko, each quaint, mostly unpopulated micro regions of Maui.

Below is an aerial video show of the lower west side of Maui. Enjoy the views!


Upcountry Views

upcountry views

When on Maui, you want to take some time to get some upcountry views. Here, to give you some upcountry views you won’t normally get, is some video footage from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), aka, a drone.

Enjoy the aerial video of upcountry views


Makena Shoreline

makena shoreline

The Makena Shoreline on the south side of Maui is a beautiful, scenic, picturesque area. In the video below you can get a bird’s eye view through the lens of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), aka, a drone.

Enjoy the aerial views of the Makena Shoreline


Scenic Northwest Maui

Driving past Lahaina, past Napili, past Kapalua, you come around to the very scenic Northwest Maui region off rugged cliffs and bluffs. Some beautiful  beaches, hiking areas and many opportunities to photograph some of Maui’s most spectacular scenery awaits you. Some of the special areas of interest are the Nakalele Blowhole, and the Olivine Pools. Also along the way you’ll find Lipoa Point, Punalau Beach, Honokohau Bay. You’ll end up in the quaint Hawaiian village of Kahakaloa where you you can buy some of the best banana bread on the island!

Scenic Northwest Maui

Rugged cliffs of scenic orthwest Maui