A Piece Of The King’s Trail – Maui, Hawaii

Think not that early Hawaiians had no roads, for they indeed did; wide, solid and well built trails which could accommodate people, horses, livestock and the movement of goods from one location to another around the island. The King’s Trail, also known as The Hoapili Trail, at one time circumnavigated the island. Now, only sporadic remnants remain, and make for enjoyable hiking. The King’s Trail segment pictured here is a few miles long and begins at La Perouse Bay in south Maui.

For more comprehensive information on the King’s Trail, click the link below:

The King’s Trail

A March Morning Over Olowalu


Olowalu is a quaint, very small community on the southwest side of Maui, about halfway between the commercial center of Kahului and the  historically palatial retreat and tourist area of Lahaina. Olowalu has a rich history. Around 1790, there was a massacre there, today referred to by historians as Hawaii’s Wounded Knee. You can read about this rather significant historical event here.

The shoreline of Olowalu is home to a ‘mother reef.’ What that means is that the corals here at Olowalu release a type of spawn, which then floats on currents to the outlying islands and settles on distant reefs. The end result is new coral growth on dozens of different reefs. And, of course, the shipment of sugar from the local plantations requires a pier, the remnants of which remain today.

Olowalu also has a private campground, a small store, a restaurant and a food truck that sells fresh squeezed sugar cane juice. The snorkeling and diving here may be some of the best on Maui.

You can read more about the historical, cultural and environmental significance of Olowalu here.

An aerial view of Olowalu


Enjoy some sights of Olowalu through the lens of a flying video camera…..


More Scenic Northwest Maui

The northwest coastline of Maui is rugged and scenic; the views shown here in this post are simply not possible, without a helicopter, or a flying camera, with which these images were taken. Using a popular unmanned aerial system, it is now possible to fly out over the water, look back at the gorgeous, rugged, northwest shoreline, and capture images. It’s not the first post of this area. So, here are….

More Scenic Northwest Maui Views

more scenic northwest maui images



Polipoli Park


A panorama view from Polipoli park, Maui, Hawaii


Polipoli Park, on the northern slope of Haleakala, is both a wide expanse of open area and a forested canopy. It offers several hiking trails, mountain biking, sight seeing and is one of the best places for hang gliding. The video below is a short snippet of hang gliders casually cruising over the expanse.


The Lower West Side of Maui


A panorama view of the lower west side of Maui

Welcome to the Lower West Side of Maui,  a rural area between the main industrial and commercial center of Kahului, and the largely visitor center of Lahaina Town. The 20 mile drive from one to the other skirts the ocean at the  base of the West Maui Mountains. A popular area for surfing, snorkeling, sun bathing, beach combing, sight seeing and taking pictures, the lower west side is home to Ukumehame, Olowalu and Launiupoko, each quaint, mostly unpopulated micro regions of Maui.

Below is an aerial video show of the lower west side of Maui. Enjoy the views!