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Through The Lies

  And the sun did set or so it appears to be Whereas reality beckons us to stand back and see The sun does not set nor does it rise We go round and round and through the lies.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Observing wildlife in our environment can be a thrill; it can be calming; it can be scary. It depends on the wildlife. Watching birds is a very popular activity for millions. It is relaxing, pleasing, thoughtful…..Around the Hawaiian Islands, it is very common to observe a very safe and harmless 75 million year old reptile: […]

Message In A Bottle

Strolling along the beach, we often look for something that catches our eye…..a shell, a piece of wood oddly shaped, a bottle….A message in a bottle….

Palm Tree

Palm Tree Palm-tree: single-legged giant, topping other trees, peering at the firmament – It longs to pierce the black cloud-ceiling and fly away, away, if only it had wings. The tree seems to express its wish in the tossing of its head: its fronds heave and swish – It thinks, Maybe my leaves are feathers, […]

Good Friday Morning

I went to The Church this Good Friday morning along Iao Stream and contemplated Nature’s constant deaths and resurrections.  Like the little symbols floating down the computer screen depicting “Reality” in the movie “The Matrix’ the components of the world appear from an unknown space, and then disappear; what is long time, what is a […]