Good Friday Morning

I went to The Church this Good Friday morning along Iao Stream and contemplated Nature’s constant deaths and resurrections.  Like the little symbols floating down the computer screen depicting “Reality” in the movie “The Matrix’ the components of the world appear from an unknown space, and then disappear; what is long time, what is a short time? I like to play with words and for me, Time + Place = Space. What is your place, what is your time? It’s an appearance. It’s a flow in space…..

iao stream on good friday morning

The King Protea

The King Protea, known technically as Protea cynaroides, is one of the most dominant flowers in flower displays and arrangements. It is widely cultivated in Hawaii.  The King protea was originally from the Cape Town area of South Africa. It is actually the national flower of south Africa.

king protea flower

Stand in the Light

Stand in the Light, stand in the Light of  Love…..

anthurium flower with light rays

Kite surfing on Maui

Kite surfing is a popular sport and fun to watch….

kite surfing

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Every once in a while a Hawaiian Monk Seal will be seen resting on a local beach. They typically remain for a day or two, and then take off. They are not at all active during these resting periods, but can be a sight worth seeing….

Hawaiian Monk Seal