Iao Needle


Commonly called Iao Needle, the traditional Hawaiian name for the 2,250 foot peak that dominates the valley is Kuka`emoku. This peak is known as the phallic stone of Kanaloa, Hawaiian god of the ocean.

During periods of warfare, the peak was used as a lookout by warriors. It was here that some Maui warriors retreated from the forces of Kamehameha I during the battle of Kepaniwai.

Kuka`emoku is an erosional remnant. It is at the end of a ridge comprised of a denser dike stone. The softer rock around the dike stone was eroded by streams and waterfalls.

Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens


The Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens Japanese Tea House and Temple is located in a calm, quiet, serene corner of the park. A delightful place to relax and reflect. As a Heritage Gardens which represents the diverse cultures which make Hawaii what it is, the Japanese or well included. Other areas of the park display a New England salt box, Chinese gates, a Portuguese outdoor oven, a Korean pagoda, a Filipino exhibit and a thatched Hawaiian hut, to name a few.

The King Protea

The King Protea, known technically as Protea cynaroides, is one of the most dominant flowers in flower displays and arrangements. It is widely cultivated in Hawaii.  The King protea was originally from the Cape Town area of South Africa. It is actually the national flower of south Africa.

king protea flower

Stand in the Light

Stand in the Light, stand in the Light of  Love…..

anthurium flower with light rays

Nelumbo Nucifera

The sacred lotus flower is world renowned for its spiritual symbolism, rooted in the mud, it rises up and blossoms forth radiating its beauty….

sacred lotus flower