Kepaniwai Park

a view of a part of kepaniwai park in iao valley maui

Kepaniwai Park is a charming county heritage gardens in central Maui which includes various ethnic displays memorializing the different cultures that have played a role in the history of the Hawaiian Islands. The memorials at Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens include traditional Hawaiian dwellings of ancient times as well as the traditional homes of the people who came from Portugal, China, New England, the Philippines, Japan, and China. The park is located in the lush Iao Valley and also includes memorial Gardens from the various represented cultures. The site was completely restored in 1994 and is now a wonderful showcase of important Hawaiian history.

Kalepolepo Fishpond

Kalepolepo Fishpond, in Kihei, Maui, is the remains of ancient Hawaiian fishpond estimated to have been built between 1400-1500 AD. This type of fishpond uses lava rock and coral walls to keep water circulating while a wooden sluice gate allows small fish to enter the pond to feed, but prevents them from leaving after they grow too large to slip between the gate’s gaps. The image here shows the remnants of a once active fishpond. It was registered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The image is taken from the rooftop of the Menehune Shores, a long standing condominium complex, the accessible roof for residents of which offers stunning views; and, the ground floor of which, open to the public, is one of Maui’s best Indian restaurants.

Through The Lies


seting sun with palm trees

And the sun did set or so it appears to be
Whereas reality beckons us to stand back and see
The sun does not set nor does it rise
We go round and round and through the lies.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Observing wildlife in our environment can be a thrill; it can be calming; it can be scary. It depends on the wildlife. Watching birds is a very popular activity for millions. It is relaxing, pleasing, thoughtful…..Around the Hawaiian Islands, it is very common to observe a very safe and harmless 75 million year old reptile: the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.  Just walking alone the shoreline one might get a glimpse of one of these ancient animals taking a breath, for they are air breathers. Swimming at the various beaches and coves it is very likely one can have a close encounter with these living thriving remnants from days long long ago….This particular photograph was taken close to shore and was one of several turtles in the area. The original image has been altered in Photoshop with a filter to give it a painterly effect.

Message In A Bottle

Strolling along the beach, we often look for something that catches our eye…..a shell, a piece of wood oddly shaped, a bottle….A message in a bottle….

bottle on beach with note inside