South Maui Sunsets At The Beach

Go to just about any resort beach on the south shore of Maui and you will see hundreds of people relaxing as they watch a stunning sunset. South Maui sunsets at the beach is an attraction all its own. Some of the more popular beaches attract a large crowd. But, there are many less popular, though no less beautiful, locations to enjoy south Maui sunsets at the beach. One such location is the beach at the Kealia Coastal Boardwalk, a few miles north of Kihei town and part of the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge. The images contained in this post were all taken at the Kealia beach area. Walk a hundred yards along the boardwalk and then turn off onto the beach, and walk a bit further. You will find yourself in a very undeveloped, pristine, unpopulated area, with a sunset view equal to, if not better, than the more popular, developed and crowded locations.

South Maui Sunsets At The Beach Are An Everyday Attraction

south Maui sunsets at the beach can be an attraction in and of itself



Digital Waterfall Photography

Digital waterfall photography is not photography, per se; it is its own brand of art. Under the general category of ‘digital art’ photography takes on new dimensions, new possibilities. Modern digital cameras, including cell phones, are full fledged computers which can not only take pictures, but adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, vibrance and color balance, to name a few adjustments possible on any single image. Many modern digital cameras, including cell phones, have ‘filters’ which allow for specialized effects such as watercolor or oil painting effect, black and white renditions, soft focus, grainy film, sepia toned, pen and ink drawing, pastel, and more.

All of these kinds of adjustments or effects can be made in-camera; or, they can be done in photo editing software, most often with third party filters. The images in this post are all adjusted after the fact using watercolor and oil paint filters to create the effect you see. These images are not presented as ‘photographs’ but more accurately as digital photographs and even more to the point, digital photography art, thus the name of this post, digital waterfall photography…


Digital Waterfall Photography

digital waterfall photography is photography, and digital art, applied to waterfalls

Iao Valley Stream – April 2015


April 25, 2015. A couple of days after Earth Day, but close enough to honor our incredibly important natural resources, of which Water is near, if not at, the top of the list. As it is said, ‘by water all things have life’. This was not a particularly special day. I had a little time free up, I live close by, and so grabbed my camera. However, I did find an area to hike into that I had not been to before. Not far off the beaten path. But any new area is like a whole new world with any number of little cascading waterfalls over large, or small, boulders. I typically like to use a very slow shutter speed to capture that silky milky effect of the flowing water. This particular day offered an advantage for that kind of photography because it was overcast creating a nice subdued lighting and there was almost no wind, making the foliage along the stream quite still, which is good for long exposures; otherwise, the  foliage is terribly blurred.

Iao Valley Stream – April 2015

A view of Iao Needle in the West Maui Mountains with Iao Stream cascading over boulders in the foreground

Iao Stream - April 2015 - A wide angle view of cascading Iao Stream with Iao Needle in the background


Maui Sunsets

Maui sunsets are stunning, gorgeous, fantastic, mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, and available to view every single evening, for free. The south shore of Maui is the best area for viewing Maui sunsets as the sun sets behind the horizon on this side of the island.

maui sunsets - a colorful upcountry maui sunset taken from ulapalakua

Another Afternoon At Iao Stream

Another afternoon at Iao Stream, pondering the joys of life, as fleeting as they might be. Unlike most areas easily accessible on Maui, Iao Valley State Park is rain forest like, much cooler than the popular tourist areas, very quiet and serene. It is a great place to escape, to get away from the hustle and bustle even evident here on this tropical island, which hosts as many as 20,000 visitors each month. Each of these visitors uses fresh water, daily; in fact, many gallons of fresh water, daily. It is estimated that 45 MGD (million gallons/day) of fresh water is used on Maui for domestic and commercial use. That is a great deal of water! A lot of that water comes from the Iao Aquifer. So, obviously, it is a very important area for, as it is said, ‘by water, all things have life.’ It is a very special, and historic, area, worthy of appreciation, and a lovely place to take scenic photographs, which I share with you here.


“And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything.”

– William Shakespeare