Fly with me over Olowalu

Olowalu is a quaint little village area with a bakery sandwich shop, a store, and a public access beach area. It is about halfway between the commercial center of Kahului and the historical whaling village, and home for summer royalty, Lahaina Town. Olowalu is a noteworthy location for it’s deadly skirmish, known as the ‘Olowalu Massacre’ and it’s missionary based sugar plantations. 

Native Hawaiians of the area farmed kalo (taro), ‘uala (sweet potato), and ‘ulu (breadfruit) with water from Olowalu stream. Fishing, of course, was abundant. The reef just offshore is considered a ‘mother reef’ in that it releases a type of spawn which ride the currents to other islands and propogate. Today, the area is, thankfully, not a large tourist destination; it remains more old Hawaii, a quaint peaceful place.

Olowalu, also knows as Mile Marker 14, is a delightful place to snorkel, scuba dive and kayak. It’s also a photogenic location and the video below of the area was taken with a flying camera. The image above, also taken with a flying camera, is a 5 shot panorama. Come fly with me over Olowalu….