Food photography can be a painstaking effort as a great deal of what makes the image appealing is the preparation and presentation. It can take hours to set up a proper food photography scene. However, when dining at a quality restaurant, the meal is often presented in the best possible way. I typically take my camera to fine restaurants with the hope of capturing a sumptuously presented meal. Appetizers, entrees, deserts, drinks…,they all make for elegant photography. Generally, the lighting for professional food photography is critical. In a restaurant, I use what light is available.

Small product photography is also a means of conveying information, and appeal, for such items as jewelery, packaged gifts or any number of merchandise. When the opportunity arises to capture product images, I will attempt to capture it in the best possible light and setting.

Food & Product Photography Gallery

 food & product gallery - A view of a Mahi and Lobser dinner plate from Mama's Fish House on Maui, Hawaii