Hawaii Ranch Land


Just outside of Kamuela, Hawaii, a small town on the Big Island, at about 2700 feet high, is vast open Hawaii ranch land, owned by the Parker Ranch. The day I was there, rain pelted the area making for what I thought would be for poor photography. But, I was wrong. The clouds, rain, gray sky, made for some very soft, subtle and moody images of the trees which dotted the open spaces…..


The Parker Ranch was founded in 1847 and is one of the oldest ranches in the United States, pre-dating many mainland ranches in Texas  and other southwestern states by more than 30 years. Spreading across approximately 250,000 acres of the island, Parker Ranch is also among the nation’s largest cattle ranches. One may not think of cattle ranching in Hawaii; but, Hawaii ranch land is there and part of today’s Hawaii on the Big Island.

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