Iao Stream Visitations

Throughout the year of 2013, now and then, with camera and tripod in hand, to sit amidst still rocks and flowing water, capturing images of fluid liquid and stable solid, is a delight. 2013 had many delightful moments sitting on a hard still rock amidst the soft moving water, in this ecological biosphere we call planet earth, at the edge of a small galaxy .

We really ought to get away from calling this planet ‘earth.’ The planet, and our physical body, is over 70% water. Elder traditions had different names, for example, some first peoples referred to this world as ‘turtle island.’ The name ‘Gaia’ has been used in the past. Although it is primarily a water planet, to call this planet water would be as silly as calling it planet earth. In Biblical reference, the term ‘heavens’ represented ‘space’ and ‘earth’ represented ‘matter.’ Space and matter. From a scientific reference, matter is small, and space is big, matter occupies about 1% of space. Water and solid, along with the air we breathe and the fire that animates every single atom, working together as an integrated whole makes this planet habitable for all who live here.