Jacaranda 2016

There are a number of Jacaranda trees spread around upcountry Maui. They bloom in mid spring, depending on weather patterns. Their display of blue-purple flowers may be less than striking in some years over others; but, then again, any one year can be a remarkable display. Last year, 2015, was one of those remarkable years. This year too was quite expressive, and impressive. These pictures were taken on a Saturday afternoon in late April and many trees were in their full blossom, others had passed their peak. Timing is always an issue. Still, every spring it is a photographer’s delight to cruise around upcountry Maui capturing that year’s display of these lovely trees.

The photographs contained in this post are all edited in some way or another, either increasing saturation and vibrance, using high dynamic range processing, watercolor or oil paint filters and even removing power lines and road signs in the image.

The Expressive Jacaranda, 2016

A stricking purple flowered Jacaranda tree in a pasture on the slopes of Haleakala


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