Spouting Horn

Kauai’s Spouting Horn attraction is a blowhole. When the surf is up, the blow hole is ‘going off.’ Watching the surf come in and explode not just on the lava laden shoreline but, up through the hole, high into the air is mesmerizing. One can spend hours just observing the show. The audiovisual slide show below is but a glimpse….

The blow hole is located across the street from the National Tropical Botanical Gardens where the lotus flower slide show images (previous post) were captured. A few days in the Poipu area of Kauai in summer of 2011 was graced with good weather and some high surf.

A blow hole is a geologic feature; many myths arise with a people around geologic features, whether caves or carved pinnacles in sandstone, or massive granite outcroppings from a million years ago. The Spouting Horn blow hole has it’s own myth:

The blowhole — which is a lava tube connecting to the sea and through which water is pushed when the tide swells — was once thought to contain a giant lizard. Legend says that a notorious lizard was terrorizing the southern coast of Kauai until a local boy tricked the lizard into chasing him into a lava tube, where the beast became permanently lodged. Shooting from the lava tube to nearly 50 feet in the air, the geyser was thought to be the infernal breaths of the trapped lizard. To this day, it is thought that you can hear the lizard’s roar as its breath sprays from the blowhole. Of course, the natural phenomenon here is easily explained, but that doesn’t make the legend any less fascinating or Spouting Horn any less ethereal. (https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/hawaii/spouting-horn-blowhole-hi/)