Lahaina Buddha

Buddhism has been said to be the largest most comprehensive outpouring of spiritual wisdom from any single individual throughout recorded history. From this has come myriad commentaries, elaborations, clarifications and ‘books.’ There is hardly a place anywhere in the world in which people do not recognize the term Buddha. Statues abound around the world. The Lahaina Buddha is but one of many in multiple nations. Buddhism, as a system of thought, a world-view, a way of living, has spread around the world like a virus. Many are infected with the wisdom, and compassion, that is Buddhism. It’s history is rich and made more so by the many variations and cultural adaptations it has taken around the world and through time.

The Lahaina Buddha is referred to as Amida Buddha, a central figure in Japan’s Shin Buddhism tradition. The statue of the Amida Buddha is the largest of its kind outside Japan. It was cast in Kyoto, Japan during 1967-1968. It is made of copper and bronze, stands 12 feet high and weighs approximately three and one-half tons. The statue was installed at the Lahaina Jodo Mission, Maui, Hawaii, in 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii.

The Jodo Mission attracts visitors and residents a like; a pleasant place to find some peace, serenity and calmness in an ever stirred up world.