The Lava Coast of Hana, Maui

lava coast of Hana, Maui - black sand beach


The lava coast of Hana, Maui can be some spectacular sightseeing, especially when the weather is stormy and/or there is high surf as it was during this visit. When visiting Hana, the weather is what it is, and you get what you get. The above photograph is of the very popular black sand beach a few miles outside Hana in Wainapanapa State Park. The aerial drone footage below was taken just outside Hana Town and represents the kind of scenery one sees, though often not from the vantage point of a flying camera off shore….

Only about 50 miles from the industrial center of the island, the infamous ‘road to Hana’ can take  2+ hours to drive there. Along the way, through the rain forest, around the many bends and curves, and over dozens of bridges, watch for waterfalls. And, when you do finally get to Hana, relax, and enjoy the pristine, rural atmosphere of this paradise island location.



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