maui-photographer-ken-fieldsIt is said that Maui ‘No Ka Oi’ which means, Maui ‘is the best’ and Maui photographers do relish the exceptional scenery and opportunities for standout surfing photography. As a Maui photographer myself, I have found it a wonderful place for my favorite type of photography which is scenic landscapes, seascapes, action, underwater and macro floral. 

The Ken Fields Photography site also links to galleries of images outside Hawaii as well as food and small product photography.

In today’s world of exceptional digital cameras, including cell phones, there is often heated discussion amongst photographers about the latest and greatest camera. What is less discussed but much more important are lenses. Whereas the newest camera body may be the latest rage for a year, a quality lens will remain so for ten years, or more. When searching for a camera brand or make, a serious photographer is much more concerned about available lenses for that camera body. As for myself, I have a professional camera body (actually 3) and a stable of professional grade lenses ranging from super wide to super telephoto, including my oft used macro lenses. The camera and lens is a tool and like any tool can be used to craft a finished product the quality of which is determined not by the tool but by the one using the tool.

As a Maui photographer, I invite you to visit the galleries of my site and view the finished products of my particular style of photography.