The Other Road to Hana

The other  road to Hana is an exceptionally scenic ride, especially considering it is not a lush canopied rainforest but, rather, wide open vistas of the dry side where, unlike the north side ride, you can, weather permitting, see the stately south flank of Haleakala in all its magnificence. With camera in right hand, index finger on the button, and left on steering wheel, I opened the shutter for a fraction of a second, while driving, slowly, with a wide angle lens through the windshield. I probably took several dozen pictures within any given mile ending up with several hundred images. The audio-visual slide show uses slightly under 80 and runs for slightly less that 6 ½ minutes, encapsulating a 2+ hour 46 mile ride. Each image was cropped such that the interior dashboard of the car, which was visible at the bottom quarter of each frame, is removed; minor reflections in the windshield are healed with a spot brush. The resolution was lowered for the screen, and during zoom-ins, some pixelation occurs. I also think afternoon light would be better. But, it’s good enough to give a sense of the grand scenery, and changing terrain from arid to lush as one drives along (the other) road to Hana. There are tour busses which take this route. Six people in a van leaves less a footprint than does 2 people in 3 cars, or even 3 people in two cars. And besides, awe-full experiences are best shared with others…..