Road to Kahakuloa

The road to Kahakuloa Village from Wailuku Town is only about 16 miles. And, yet, it can take an hour to drive there. A lengthy segment of that sixteen miles is a paved one lane road with many curves. It is a scenic ride, more for a passenger than a driver as a fair amount of focus is required for driving this road safely. Even then, it is very scenic and the the views of Kahakuloa Head at the destination are worth the ride. This audio-visual slide show begins in Wailuku and ends just past Kahakuloa with a wide angle view of Kahakuloa Head and the village of Kahakulao. The technique was simple, every so often, stop, reach the arm out of the window with camera in hand, and snap a shot. Every shot had a the hood of the car in the lower corner, which of course is cropped out. Enjoy the scenic ride on the road to Kahakuloa.