Scenic La Perouse Bay


Scenic La Perouse Bay is a beautiful, rugged, lave laden coastal area of Maui, Hawaii. The location is named after a French naval officer and explorer (Jean-François de La Pérouse), who was the first European to set foot on Maui in 1786. La Perouse Bay features several small coves that lie between rocky points. These are often covered with tidal pools. The stark, barren lava rocks, the bright blue ocean, the coral beaches and the waves crashing against the cliffs provide the perfect scenery for some excellent sightseeing and photography. Scientists estimate that in 1790 Haleakala erupted, the lava flow from which formed the jagged rocky coastline.The Hawaiian name for this area is Keone’o’io


The scenic La Perouse Bay on the south shore of Maui

The scenic La Perouse Bay rocky shoreline on the south end of Maui, hawaii


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