South Maui Sunsets At The Beach

Go to just about any resort beach on the south shore of Maui and you will see hundreds of people relaxing as they watch a stunning sunset. South Maui sunsets at the beach is an attraction all its own. Some of the more popular beaches attract a large crowd. But, there are many less popular, though no less beautiful, locations to enjoy south Maui sunsets at the beach. One such location is the beach at the Kealia Coastal Boardwalk, a few miles north of Kihei town and part of the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge. The images contained in this post were all taken at the Kealia beach area. Walk a hundred yards along the boardwalk and then turn off onto the beach, and walk a bit further. You will find yourself in a very undeveloped, pristine, unpopulated area, with a sunset view equal to, if not better, than the more popular, developed and crowded locations.

South Maui Sunsets At The Beach Are An Everyday Attraction

south Maui sunsets at the beach can be an attraction in and of itself



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