Kalanchoe daigremontiana

of the genus Bryophyllum


Mother of Thousands 


Alligator Plant

Succulesence – the essence of juicy sap….Our bodies are about 70% water, juicy sap. Soft. Fluid. Flexible. Perhaps we are walking talking succulent plants, walking talking juicy tissue.

succulent (adj.)

c. 1600, from French succulent (16c.), from Latin succulentus “having juice, juicy,” from succus “juice, sap;” related to sugere “to suck,” and possibly cognate with Old English socian “to soak,” sucan “to suck.” The noun meaning “plant with juicy tissues” is from 1825. Although common succulents such as  Aloe, Agave and Cactus are well know, there are over 10,000 known succulent species in the world. The Alligator Plant is also known as Mother of Thousands because of the numerous tiny plantlets on the edge of it’s leaves. A feature that has also earned the name Devil’s Backbone.