Mama’s Fish House


Mama’s Fish House is more than one of the best restaurants on Maui. It is a Maui attraction. A Maui landmark. Nestled in Kuau Cove on the north shore of Maui since 1973, Mama’s Fish House offers a delightful, relaxing tropical ambiance amidst coconut trees and a white sandy beach and some of the most delicious fresh fish meals on the island – served with Aloha. Although not the kind of place one typically goes to on a regular basis, it is ideal for special occasions and first time, or  repeat, visitors to Maui. It is not uncommon when new to Maui and asking what should not be missed, the answer is often, go to Mama’s Fish House.



Kepaniwai Park

a view of a part of kepaniwai park in iao valley maui

Kepaniwai Park is a charming county heritage gardens in central Maui which includes various ethnic displays memorializing the different cultures that have played a role in the history of the Hawaiian Islands. The memorials at Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens include traditional Hawaiian dwellings of ancient times as well as the traditional homes of the people who came from Portugal, China, New England, the Philippines, Japan, and China. The park is located in the lush Iao Valley and also includes memorial Gardens from the various represented cultures. The site was completely restored in 1994 and is now a wonderful showcase of important Hawaiian history.

Kite surfing on Maui

Kite surfing is a popular sport and fun to watch….

kite surfing

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Every once in a while a Hawaiian Monk Seal will be seen resting on a local beach. They typically remain for a day or two, and then take off. They are not at all active during these resting periods, but can be a sight worth seeing….

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Jaws December 8, 2009

When the surf is up enough, and Jaws is ‘going off’ it becomes a rare attraction drawing not only world class surfers, but a huge crowd of observes, including photographers, often with very large telephoto lenses.  Helicopters hover overhead capturing images as do boaters who stay away from the waves, but get a vantage point which those on the bluff overlooking the cove do not get. Tow in surfing at Jaws (ie, Peahi) on Maui only occurs a few times each year during the winter months and is a spectacular sight.

Surfing at Jaws, Peahi, Maui