The Hana Coastline

The Hana Coastline offers some of Maui’s most pristine scenery. From Hamoa Beach to Koki Beach to Wainapanapa, and points in between, you are sure to see some of Maui’s most cherished beach and shoreline areas. Depending on the weather, these areas can be extraordinarily inviting, or ominous and dangerous with rough seas and strong currents. Even then though, the scenery is breathtaking and those who visit Maui often have a trip to Hana high on their list of activities to do. The following is an excerpt from a travel site about ‘Heavenly Hana’:


“Hana, isolated from the rest of the island, is truly the last undeveloped tropical paradise on Maui. Picturesque views of spectacular waterfalls, the rugged Hana shoreline, and some of the best beaches on the island can only begin to describe what awaits you on this journey. The 52 mile trip from Kahului Airport will take 2-4 hours depending on how often you stop along the Narrow, Winding Hana Highway (560). Explore the various parks and lookouts as you drive through Maui’s only coastal rainforest accessible by car. The charm of Hana is the fact that little has changed over the last 20 years. Untouched by the major developments of the other side of the island, the Hana community has managed to perpetuate the small town atmosphere, Hawaiian culture and most of all, its natural scenic beauty.”

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