Underwater Sights

This morning’s underwater sights were quite novel with observations of a white octopus. This very intelligent creature has the capacity to change color  like a chameleon and became completely invisible when perched amidst the coral adopting the color of its surroundings. But, when it moved, it became quite white, and very visible, which was the only reason I happened to see it; otherwise, I would have passed it by without a second thought. In addition to the octopus, which is quite a rare sight, there was also a Moray Eel cruising by, rather quickly, before it slithered itself under a rock, which is where they tend to reside. Of course, there was a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, which are common, and the always mesmerizing underwater landscape. Each of these images has been processed in Photoshop to remove some of the particulate matter, and to add the Oil Paint filter, which gives it a smoother, softer and, in my opinion, rather appealing appearance. Enjoy the views….

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